True brands,
authentic stories.

Strategy, consult & realisation
of your brand's potential.

Building your brand or story together. Full of faith and growth potential.

Each brand tells its own story. And every brand undergoes its own development. From my expertise, I step in exactly where it is needed. Goal-oriented with clear agreements. And always work towards concrete results.

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New brand or initiative

Starting with a new brand, label or initiative? In well-prepared work sessions we define the strategic foundation, from which we then design and develop.

Web design

Working on your most important digital channel? A structured approach for developing your website that matches your brand and your target groups.

UX & visual design

Digital product or platform in development? We quickly achieve results with energetic workshops in a smart process. From idea → concept → wireframes → visual design → prototypes.


Does your visual identity (and logo) no longer match with who you are and what you stand for? With the brand identity as a basis we explore different ideas. Via the stylescaping process (concepting) we come to new, timeless design. So you do not have the same problem again in two years.

Brand development

Are your identity and brand design well-defined and rock solid? Then the trick is to work with the right priorities on the maturity of your brand. A framework helps determine what you pick up first.

Capability building

Building brands requires multidisciplinary skills. From my network I bring the right people for the entire assignment. If desired we help your organization develop the skills to do it yourself.

A selection of clients. Each with their own process and story.

Sonic Equipment





Beyond Banking

PureTerra Ventures

What stage is your brand or story in?

Starting with a new brand or refreshing your corporate identity? A disciplined process for (re-)discovering your brand’s DNA. With a strategic foundation as a result, for all upcoming decisions.

brand identity

Crystal clear what the identity of your brand or initiative is? And how this is uniquely distinctive among all the others? Time for the visual translation. Results are the building blocks of your brand, like logo, typography, color palette, motion, sound, etc.

brand design

Your identity and design stand as a house. But how do you apply this in all your (digital) touchpoints? To your customers, your employees, other stakeholders? And how do you prioritize these? Assistance with direction and execution.

brand development